I met him for the first time and


(This is a translation of Odiya poem – APARICHITA originally written by Ms. Sushama Pal)

I do not remember

when and where I met that unknown person.

After meeting,

I felt

I knew him for ages and lifetimes.
I could not restrain myself

As tears rushed forth from my eyes.

The tears not of grief

But of my deepest gratitude.

Or else, how could I offer

The bouquet of my love and devotion.
I was on a downward spiral

in my journey of life-

filled with pain and despair,

when I came across him.

Then started the journey upward,

the journey of hope

As he ignited my desire to live.

Now I float on a

beautiful river of hope.

I have sought and found

contentment in life.

Through the shades

of the greenery of life,

Every moment of this life, so valuable

is filled with a beautiful fragrance.

I lose my identity in that fragrance,

and feel blessed.

And I feel blessed.

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