What is in a Name?

Re-sharing one of my old humourous posts, with minor revisions.

One Life is not Enough


Shakespeare was not born in India. If he were, he would not have said, “What is in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”.

If I meet Shakespeare I would point out, “Sir, even if calling rose by any other name does not affect its smell, it does not sound the same or spell the same and these differences have different connotations for different people”. Go and ask our celebrities who would place equal weightage on hard work as on the spelling of their names.

The celebrity is actually more obsessed with the composition of her name than what her name smells or sounds. “Success ke liye kuchh bhi karega’ is her mantra as she runs to astrologers, palmists, numerologists, tarot readers and parrot readers to work out what alphabet to insert or delete from her name to come…

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8 thoughts on “What is in a Name?

  1. We not only believe in many names, we believe in many faces, many hands, many shapes etc., and I am sure Shakespeare would have waxed eloquent suitably, had he been born in India. Indians however have typically believed in the entire world being a home, vasudhaivakutumbakam. On the contrary, we do not seem to have an accepted common language other than English. You would have noticed the changes that these fickle stars are affecting in their names are only in English spellings, not the vernacular. Perhaps they justify what Shakespeare uttered after all!

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  2. rationalraj2000

    Yes, Indians are particularly concerned about the way their name is spelt.We were told that the great engineer Sir .M.Visvesvaraya, also founder of VISL from where I started my career was very particular that his name is spelt correctly….

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