opportunities for short story writers

Amazon Kindle Publishing in collaboration with the Hindu Lit for life has announced a short story contest. It is also an opportunity to get your short story published on Amazon platform. For details visit : https://www.amazon.in/b?node=14467703031 

Another opportunity for aspiring short story writers is offered by Times Of India through its write India program. The winning entries of season have now come in the form of a book. Frankly speaking, I could not connect with many of the winning stories which seemed to favour a particular POV over quality of writing and other things. Nevertheless, it is too an opportunity for the procrastinating authors.

By the way I have already published my short story on Amazon through their Kindle Direct Program. It is available for free download from 08.02.2018 to 12.02.2018. There after also it will be available for free for KindleUnlimited subscribers.

Please read my book and leave your reviews on Amazon. It is an unusual story of the love hate relationship of an owner of a medicine shop and a beggar who had made the footpath in front of the shop his home. Hope you will like the humour elements and the allegory.

landmark durga prasad dash.jpg


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