watchings of idle hours #7 : in convalescence

Tourism in Bhutan, a freak accident, and the flower pots in our balcony Bhutan seems to have woken up to the reality of over-tourism without suffering the wisdom of hindsight. Its policy of charging $250 per day for foreign tourists (excluding Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian nationals) is a big put off for the budget adventurers. … Continue reading watchings of idle hours #7 : in convalescence

A book that busts many long held beliefs about Hinduism

The specialty about ‘Essays on Hinduism’ by Karan Singh is that it has a balanced approach unlike the plethora of books available on Hinduism that either exaggerate or dismiss Hinduism comparing it to one of the pagan polytheistic religions of prehistoric era without understanding the underlying philosophical foundations of Hinduism as propounded in our Upanishads. My review of the book is published in the Jun 2019 issue of Bengaluru Review. Read on to find out more.

Bengaluru Review

“The author presents the soul of Hinduism, as opposed to its body which are the various rituals associated with the religion, and are the focus point of many western and Indian intellectuals,” writes Durga Prasad Dash.

I read this book – Essays on Hinduism – over a couple of days in a hospital waiting room. Once I started the book or every time I restarted the book, I got lost in no time and forgot about the surroundings, till someone came and tapped my shoulders.

This book is written by Karan Singh, an Ex-Cabinet Minister in the Congress Government. So the book is not coming from a member of the saffron brigade. Nor is it written by one of those so called foreign scholars. Hence, we may expect a fair degree of neutrality along with the right amount of compassion, unlike the contents in the plethora of books on…

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Amarnath yatra : down memory lane (Part-2)

Continued from Part-1 The feeling of non dual consciousnessbecomes a reality as twenty of us huddle together inside a small tent.Some have taken off to their abode of blisswith a fleet of noisy engines waking up every one but themselves - a journey of awakening. Apart from paying to the Pithoo, the other expenses we … Continue reading Amarnath yatra : down memory lane (Part-2)

Amarnath yatra: down memory lane (Part-1)

As I read about the hype created by self styled seculars and unapologetic Islamic leaders about the massive security arrangements done for this year's Amarnath Yatra I am reminded of my own undertaken twenty years back. I was able to undertake this trip thanks to my posting in an Indian Air Force base in Jammu … Continue reading Amarnath yatra: down memory lane (Part-1)

watchings of idle hours #6 : recipes for a good life

I am back with the series after a long gap. All the posts of the series can be accessed under the tag #watchingsofidlehours Beautiful Minds vs Toned up Bodies I watched the movie - A Beautiful Mind - on Amazon Prime when 'Student of the Year - 2' had just been released. Student of the … Continue reading watchings of idle hours #6 : recipes for a good life