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teach me to dream: songs of love, longing and freedom

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This anthology of poems celebrate life in its myriads of aspects: love, loss, and longing; dream, illusion and harsh reality; enlightenment, freedom, and bondage; beauty, baseness, and ugliness; the automation of life, making sense of it, and other mundane affairs.

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Durga Prasad Dash also writes at his blog ‘One Life is Not Enough’ and that is where I first read some of the exquisite pieces —or shall I say ‘essays’ —included in this brilliant anthology. Suffice it to say it was sheer joy to find them again in one place and in company of many gems I hadn’t read before. The beauty of his compositions lies in the deeply spiritual, at times moral, journey he undertakes hitched to the horses of tongue-in-cheek humour. It is not uncommon to find yourself faced with a discerning critic of the socio-moral dilemmas, or turpitude, while reading ‘Idle Hours’, but his hilarious lens of irony and satire will never leave you stranded. Reminiscing about going to cinemas in his younger days, he writes, “Most of the block busters had heavy doses of violence to be matched by the real life violence at the ticket counters”, a fact that will readily summon smiles to most of his contemporaries around this corner of the planet. Nearly all his pieces are replete with similar humour, revelatory and rib-tickling at once. The section on memoirs has been written with a soft brush. His remembrances of his departed mother are heartwarming and poignant at the same time. He has written on many obsessions of the hoi polloi, and frequently brings his redoubtable knowledge of the scriptures to score a point or two. I am convinced he belongs to that endangered group of writers who do not step out to rave about the colour of their socks in hackneyed prose and who are swarming the Blogosphere or the Indie publishing scape today. Read him while you can, or he will be lost in the eddy of foam and froth before you can bat an eyelid. (Sri US Pandey on Amazon Review)

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