Monica Lewinsky and the Trolls of our Times

A couple of days back a woman of acquaintance committed suicide. The usual story : alleged extra marital affairs, a society that loves to take figments of weird imagination as the gospel truth, rumour, lack of emotional support from near ones, stress, depression, and fear of facing alone an antagonistic world. Remember, there were male …

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Remembering those notebandi days

Remembering those notebandi days ( Originally written after a few days of demonetization)


Random Notes

The times are such that, neither are notes so random nor do they have any  association or destination other than the bank. The whole nation is in queue for a few ‘tukda’ notes. It is Saturday night and as we finalise our plan to visit Chinchi Falls and Mekedatu as part of our weekend getaway, we are reminded, we have forgotten to factor in legal tender notes to our itinerary. So we rush to the nearby ATM. Though there is still a queue, we manage to get some of those extremely rare pieces of paper and come back home by 11:30 P.M.

It is ‘7’ o clock in the morning when we start our trip. However, people have already left home long back for their  ‘Cash’ mission and we notice long queues in front of every ATM or Bank that we pass.

Four days earlier, on my way to…

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Mein nikla satya ke sandhan mein

मैं निकला सत्य के संधान में | दिन दहाड़े , डायोजिनिज के लालटेन ले के राजधानी के राजपथ पर, सत्ता के गलियों में, कलाकारों के रंग मंच में, मंदिर , मस्जिद और गिरिजाघरों में | ढ़ूँढ़ता रहा वो सच्च जो कबका खो गया है, या सुलाया गया है, राजनेताओं के सफाई , आरोप और प्रत्यारोप …

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