More about me and my writing journey


Who am I and why do I blog? May be this should have been my first post. But then, it would have been too early. Of course now and then I have shared bits and pieces bout me and my outlooks. Here, let me sum it up and provide the missing pieces.

Four months back I was trying WordPress just as a time pass. I noticed that the domain was available. Then it was an instant decision. I registered for the domain and started this blog. Of course I have another blog where I have been blogging since 2014. Now,  I have stopped updating that blog and  I am planning to close it after sometime as it is not practicable to maintain two similar blogs.

Reading and writing has been a passion since childhood. When I was eighteen, four of my poems were published in an international anthology. After graduating from Berhampur University in 1987, I joined Indian Air force to fulfill another passion, i.e soldiering. In the twenty years of my defense career I traveled a lot, met with a lot of different kinds of people and did a lot many other exciting and mundane things.  But reading and writing took a back seat. In 2008, got released from Air Force after twenty years of honourable yet no so extraordinary service.

In 2009, I started my first blog. It was with Blogger. Sometime in  2011 or 2012, one day I came across an advertisement for cheap hosting options offered by GoDaddy. I got a little tempted. Mine was any way not a commercial blog. However, I thought  why not go for it to give my blog some professional feel. I fell for the bait of cheap hosting and shifted my blog to an independent domain.

However, after six or seven months, to my horror, one day I found that my blog was behaving strangely. The customer care at GoDaddy was also not able to sort out my problem. Subsequently, things became worse and the blog collapsed. I don’t know whether GoDaddy has improved its quality, meanwhile. Another unfortunate lapse from my part was that I had not taken back up of all my posts.

Then, for quite some time I was busy with my professional activities and could not restart my blog till 2014.

Now, coming to the question as to why the hell do I blog, well, I blog to share my passions. Both the visible and the invisible elements of creation fascinate me. I am a wanderer and wonder-er. And, one life is barely enough to experience even a fraction of those passions.Hence my blog – as a kind of plea to the maker is named as  One Life is not Enough. I  have expressed this as a poem, which can be read here. There is also a sequel titled –  One Life is not enough, yet for now, this moment is full in itself. 

So, through my blog I wish to share my passions. My passions which can be shared without being politically incorrect in an Indian context. Photography, poetry, travel, books, movies, personal growth, philosophy and mysticism are some of my passions worth to be listed. I will also share my views and feelings on social issues that I deeply associate with.

As a reader your passions may be different. So, in my blog  please indulge yourself in  whatever you find interesting. And of course your feedback  will be of immense support to me, in my blogging journey in particular and my writing journey in general.

Thank you.

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I see you as you are


When the protagonist of the movie Avatar says to the heroine.”I see you”, the heroine retorts back” I see you too”.  Like the movie itself, the dialogues may contain many layers of meaning. When they say to each other “ I see you” that means,  “I see you as you are, stripped of the psychological conditioning brought out by the society. I see you as a unique individual not to be judged based on your family, social,  national, or planetary background”. Or else, how could two different minds from two different planets meet?

As I have mentioned in my article ‘Living by the motto‘, by virtue of my association with some wonderful organizations, I have got the opportunity to interact with a wide spectrum of people from the Indian and global diaspora. I have learnt to see everybody as a unique individual. Sometimes, persons in a particular group may show some similarities in some aspects like way of thinking, food habits, pronunciation etc.  However, It does not mean every one of that group would confirm to those characteristics. The reality is that, two persons speaking the same language and living under the same roof can be  diametrically opposite in many aspects. Similarly, two persons living in two different parts of the globe may show similarities in many aspects of their character, attitude and life.

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Often I come across  people who have a stereotyped image of an ex-defense personnel  and the ideal way he should behave. On many social gatherings when I refuse to take alcohol or non-vegetarian food, this comes as a surprise to many. “How come”, they would say, “you being an ex-defense personnel do not drink or take non-vegetarian food”.  Even though the person himself may not be exhibiting all the group characteristics of the group he is part of, it comes as a surprise to him that somebody does not behave in line with the group image he has formed in his mind.

 “Judge not, for ye not be judged”, says the Bible. However, you and your work are constantly being judged, most often prima facie, by people who do not care to learn a little more about you. The height of such prima facie judgement happened when I took up the current job. There was another ex-serviceman who had joined that office one year back. At the age of 47, he was  still a bachelor. There was this lady colleague who asked me the moment she came to know I am an ex-serviceman, “when are you going to get married?”

When a whole society or group develops bias against another group it leads to social and political unrest. In its extreme form this group bias may manifest as racial discrimination, or still worse communal violence, terrorism, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Even though the differences with regard to the way we dress and speak may be slowly vanishing due  to frequent migrations,  globalization and other factors, our biases with regard to other cultures and religions still remain a matter of concern. The only way to overcome these biases are to learn more about other cultures and religions with an open mind. May be the day we learn to see  a person as he is or she is, without drawing premature conclusions based on his family background, position of power, caste, religion, sect, language or nationality, will be the day that heralds the end of all group conflicts and forms extremism.


First blog post

Welcome to “One Life is Not Enough’ now at WordPress and with an independent domain.

There was this fascination to have a blog in a primary domain. Coincidentally, the domain I was looking for was available. So, here I am, with my new blog. The old blog will continue to exist for some time, maybe till I shift all contents here.

Hope, you will enjoy reading this blog too and continue with your feedback.