Re-inventing life after fifty

Started my life as a brilliant student. Was student number one consistently  till matriculation, in spite of  tough competition in the  High School which was one of the top schools in the district those days.

Then life took a series of wrong turns and one day I realised I have turned fifty without fulfilling any of my childhood dreams or promises;  without pursuing seriously any of my childhood passions.

Since then it has been a journey of re-inventing myself and unleashing the child in me, at the same time not neglecting my duties as  employee, husband, and  father. Side by side, I have decided to share with others the lessons I learn from my blunders and the insights I gain in my journey of self- discovery and living life with passion.

I have written five e-books which are available on Amazon –  Sometimes Serious Sometimes Funny |  Life Sutras | Sixteen Parenting Sutras |  The Landmark (short story) | Teach me to dream (poetry anthology). I am working to get the print version of some of those books.

My pro-bono activities include conducting workshops for students, teachers and parents. I have been doing this for last five years.  My book ‘Sixteen Parenting Sutras’ is inspired by the concerns expressed by the workshop participants. I am also into stand-up comedy and anchoring.

I don’t charge anything for my workshops or comedy shows. Of course reimbursement of travelling expenses would be welcome.