TOI Campaign on Lost Votes : a case of misplaced priorities and flawed premises.

The Times of India is running a campaign these days. It is primarily about the lost votes on account of India's huge migrant population both within and outside the country. They had a special panel discussion session as part of the Times Literature Festival held in Bengaluru on 23rd and 24th February 2019. As per …

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I stand / stand not with Abhijit

Seems, Abhijit Ayer - Mitra, the loud mouth journalist and friend of fallen BJD angel Jay Panda, is having a taste of his own medicine. At least that is what appears from his earlier tweets. Abhijit Mitra's consistent derogatory remarks about Odisha either comes from his shallow understanding of India's cultural roots and pluralism or …

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Educating India (Part-III): Hear it from Sir Ken Robinson

Education is one of the boring subjects to discuss when you are in a party. Everyone needs it, everyone is concerned about it, but how many are willing to go in for an in depth discussion about it? When it comes to educating our children most of the parents usually go with the wind of …

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 ‘Teach Me To Dream’ – Book Review

My illustrator friend Sailaja Anand ( who is also an eternal optimist) has put up her perceptions of my poems on her blog.

‘Teach Me To Dream’ has been written by Mr. Durga Prasad Dash whose work I always have admired. It is an anthology of poems that celebrate life in its myriads of aspects: love, longing, pain, illusion,beauty and ugliness, freedom, bondage, war, politics, enlightenment.There is no sphere of life that is left un touched by the author. Each emotion is conveyed beautifully and every reality is expressed with conviction. Each stanza is a beautiful piece in itself, touching the deep core.

In part I, the way the author has connected seasons and emotions with his web of words is so heartening.
”there is a rhythm in the sun,
melody in air, and
dance in water”
Through words the author is indeed celebrating the nature with beautiful expression.
In poem ‘your sweet absense’
In the following lines
“In my lack of discretion
hoping to rise with you
I fall again and again”

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Educating India (part-2): Specialisation

  This week's Indispire prompt suggested by blogger Neha Tambe is about Indian Education Scenario. The exact prompt is: 'What kind of changes do you wish to see in the education system in India? Learning cannot work like an assembly line. Why can't children choose in high school their focus subject and graduate with that? …

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