Street is where the action is

The street is a place of never ending ‘reality shows’ and ‘soap operas’, of fascination, beauty and ugliness. For this photo challenge, not only did I take some new photos, but also dug up a  few interesting ones from my archives. Here are a selected few, along with some thoughts they evoked.



Don’t  we have such streets in every part of India, where the road is perpetually under repair? A street where tangled wires carrying charges and messages hang menacingly. A street of heat and dust and partially open gutters. And, the ubiquitous holy animal.


Of course, let not the previous picture  be taken as a representative image of India. I am not vying for any Oscar. Hence, I have no inclination to show only the ‘nasty’ part of India.

Street is where the action is. Sometimes some inaction. Many streets could be so beautiful and cosy, you would not mind having a sound sleep on its pavements on broad day light, as can be seen in the  picture below.


Oblivious of the surrounding sounds, his chappals serving as his pillow, this old man takes a sound  afternoon siesta on the hard pavement  of a busy Bengaluru street.

Obviously, when it comes to quality of sleep, the quality of bed is immaterial.



While  some step lightly into the day, hoping it to be a jolly good one ………


On the same street (in the same frame) there is some one getting prepared to shoulder the burden of the future.

“If only I could exchange my two small bags for a big bite of those two ‘happiness’ pieces.”



Things do change. The street of picture I, after two years.

4 thoughts on “Street is where the action is

  1. Just the mention of the word ‘street’ reminds me of the verse:

    इन दिनों गरचे दक्खन मैं हैं बड़ी क़द्र ऐय सुखन
    कौन जाये ज़ौक़ पर दिल्ली की गलियां छोड़ कर

    Now a days Deccan is very good and prosperous, but Zauq who wants to leave the streets of Delhi? (translated by desitraveler)

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  2. Nice description of lively streets of India. These streets can be anywhere in India.
    I am looking forward to part 2 now about streets full of vendors. Flower shops, juice stalls, chaat, clothes and what not. What about streets leading to temples. I vividly remember my childhood visits to Vishwanath temple where we would keep on pestering our parents to buy toys, bangles and so many attractive things.

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