walking the path

In ancient times people undertook journey primarily for business and conquest. And sometimes for pilgrimages. These days people mostly undertake journey for business and pleasure. And sometimes for pilgrimages. Even though Yatra literally means  journey - any kind of journey,  whenever we hear the word yatra we can sense a tinge of holiness or spirituality … Continue reading walking the path

Sri Jagannath: beyond myths and miracles

No religion or spiritual sect is complete without myths and miracles. Stories of miracles abound around Lord Jagannath. Being the Kaliyuga form of Lord Krishna even though he is primarily a Vaishnav God, his devotees have come from diverse sects and religions over the past millennium. After all, the deity is none other than Jagannath … Continue reading Sri Jagannath: beyond myths and miracles

Odisha and its People : the Unknown, the Unique and the Ugly

Where is Odisha? To write about unknown Odisha is a difficult proposition because, for someone not from Odisha everything about Odisha may be unknown. In my interactions with common men during my travels in India I have found that the North Indians think it is somewhere in South India and the South Indians think it … Continue reading Odisha and its People : the Unknown, the Unique and the Ugly

What about some thoughts for foods?

Having chosen a deshi theme, I will be talking of Indian Foods. Nothing in particular. Some random observations foraged over the years. Disclaimer: I am neither a foodie nor some kind of a Chef- in- the-making taking advantage of the period of lock down. A sweet battle with our neighbour Unlike some Indian states which … Continue reading What about some thoughts for foods?

my B-town connections

Because ‘Bombay’ starts with the alphabet B and most of the Hindi movies borrowed their style and substance from  Hollywood, I think the naming of Hindi Film Industry as Bollywood was perfectly logical.  The yellow journalists  used to call Bombay  the B-town, while using it with reference to the glitterati that inhabited the city. By … Continue reading my B-town connections

the land of exceptional arts

image source: https://thesrinibash.wordpress.com/2018/11/22/160/ In the month of October/ November every year, the ancient city of Cuttack is witness to the largest open fair of Asia. Known as Bali Jatra, the festival starts on the full moon of Kartik and continues for a week or so. There is another event that happens throughout Odisha on the … Continue reading the land of exceptional arts