Lord Brahma’s Advice to His Creation

In vedic astrology human births are classified as Deva Gana, Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana. It does not mean that those who are born under Rakshasa gana are demonic in nature. Among other implications, such classifications are usually taken into account while matching  horoscopes of prospective brides and grooms.  Otherwise also we have lots of … Continue reading Lord Brahma’s Advice to His Creation

walking the path

In ancient times people undertook journey primarily for business and conquest. And sometimes for pilgrimages. These days people mostly undertake journey for business and pleasure. And sometimes for pilgrimages. Even though Yatra literally means  journey - any kind of journey,  whenever we hear the word yatra we can sense a tinge of holiness or spirituality … Continue reading walking the path

Deva Snana Poornima – the ritual and its significance

Deva Snana Poornima is an important ritual in the build up to the Annual Car festival of Lord Jagannath. For the un-initiate, on this day the idols of Sudarshana, Ma Subhadra, Lord Balabhadra and Lord Jagannatha are taken out to the 'Altar of Bathing' inside the temple premises. An elaborate bath is given which can … Continue reading Deva Snana Poornima – the ritual and its significance

The Essence of Ancient India

Chinmayee's Creations

The seers of ancient India had, in their experiments and efforts at spiritual training and the conquest of the body, perfected a discovery which in its importance to the future of human knowledge dwarfs the divinations of Newton and Galileo , even the discovery of the inductive and experimental method in Science was not more momentous... -Sri Aurobindo

What is more fascinating than getting to know about your own glorious past? What is more interesting than analyzing how as a civilization have we been shaping up our own spiritual evolution? What is more beautiful than being able to get voluminous authentic , first hand researched material in a capsulated format ? Absolutely Nothing!

But you have everything in front of you with this E book titled The Beauty of Sanskrit language and texts that promises to satiate the hunger for knowledge and wisdom of someone who…

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