The Missing History of Hindustan

In my first article of this series I have mentioned about the tradition of Boita Bandana and Bali Jatra that commemorate the glorious maritime adventures of Odias in South East Asia. The businessmen who engaged in such maritime trade were known as sadhabas. There is a popular folk tale in Odisha about one of sadhaba … Continue reading The Missing History of Hindustan

danda nacha- a religiocultural celebration since time immemorial

It is one of those few memories of my early childhood. Or it could be the first series of events of my life that I am still able to recall in bits and pieces. I am attending the famous Danda Nacha closing ceremony at a village named Gallery with my mother and my grandmother. The … Continue reading danda nacha- a religiocultural celebration since time immemorial

Can Indian Classical Music Kill Corona Virus?

Myth: Playing of Indian Classic music kills Corona virus in the surroundings. Truth : Forget about killing, there is no evidence to suggest that Indian classical music has remotely disturbed the cellular composition of the virus. A time may come when WHO delivers the above message to our cell phones. I would agree with it, … Continue reading Can Indian Classical Music Kill Corona Virus?

my B-town connections

Because ‘Bombay’ starts with the alphabet B and most of the Hindi movies borrowed their style and substance from  Hollywood, I think the naming of Hindi Film Industry as Bollywood was perfectly logical.  The yellow journalists  used to call Bombay  the B-town, while using it with reference to the glitterati that inhabited the city. By … Continue reading my B-town connections

the land of exceptional arts

image source: In the month of October/ November every year, the ancient city of Cuttack is witness to the largest open fair of Asia. Known as Bali Jatra, the festival starts on the full moon of Kartik and continues for a week or so. There is another event that happens throughout Odisha on the … Continue reading the land of exceptional arts