today flowers blossom in me

This post is in response to the prompt of Indispire Edition 307 – “Share any recent happening that has sparked joy in you”.
To avoid repetition, I am re-sharing an old post. Similar feelings came to me while travelling to a distant place in Bengaluru a couple of days back. Even though it was a working day, due to some reason (probably the strike call given by some trade unions on 08.01.2020), the traffic was far less than expected.
In Bengaluru having a traffic-hassle free day is like having a sunny day in the mid of arctic winter.
Thanks to Indiblogger member Anita Sabat ji for suggesting a topic with positive vibes, away from the usual needless controversies created these days to serve vested interests.


Usually, the commuting to and from the office is the most unpleasant experiences of a working day in a city like Bengaluru so much so that when someone asks, ‘what is the distance of your office from home’, I say, ‘it is one and a half hours to two hours depending upon the mood of the traffic of the day’. Of course, in terms of physical distance it is only 25 km one way.

But today while going to office flowers blossom in me.

In spite of the fact that it is a post holiday working day.Today is Diwali. It must be a holiday for the Indians in the north of the Vindhyas. However, for many offices including the central government ones, yesterday was the official Diwali holiday. The thin traffic indicates that in spite of it being a working day, many thought in true Indian spirit that a day…

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