Shree Bhoga & Yoga Nandeeshwaraswamy Temple

If you type your destination as Yoga Nandeeshwaraswamy temple in Google maps you will end up atop the Nandi Hills. We did the same mistake. Just before the climb to Nandi Hills we realised it. Our destination was the Bhoga & Yoga Nandeshwaraswamy temple at village Nandi which is located a few kilometers away from … Continue reading Shree Bhoga & Yoga Nandeeshwaraswamy Temple

Karntaka Heritage Sites – Photo Essay

For the Christmas vacation of 2015, the initial plan was to go somewhere far away, outside Karnataka. But plan A did not work out somehow. So here was the plan B – why not visit some nearby tourist places of Karnataka that we have been postponing visiting for years. A day before the visit, we decided, … Continue reading Karntaka Heritage Sites – Photo Essay