A land linked by the footsteps of pilgrims

Post independence we can say our constitution defines the idea of India, apart from its physical boundries carved out through historical corrections and blunders. But the idea of India is an ancient one, as ancient as perhaps when efforts were taken to sanctify its mountains, rivers and all other important natural landmarks and link those with local/pan Indian deities and events of our great epics. It is not great kings or factors like language or ethnicity that created and sustained the idea of India, but rather the footsteps of the humble pilgrims.

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3 thoughts on “A land linked by the footsteps of pilgrims

  1. No matter how enlightened an author is, he or she is bound to have a unique world view which deeply subscribes to the author’s culture. World over, ancient civilisations have been known to resonate with the sensibilities of their local geographies, flora and fauna, be it the African tribes, Indian Americans, Incas, Maoris…., the list is endless. That, she has taken care to study India deeper than the apparent surface of semblances or disparities, speaks volumes of her pliant disposition. Thanks for the introduction.

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