Interpretation of Indic texts

Knowing Sanskrit definitely helps in understanding the essence of Indic Texts. Even partial knowledge of Sanskrit may help to at least have a sense as to whether the commentator has interpreted correctly. Western scholars who are interested in Sanskrit texts usually learn Sanskrit. Unfortunately, this is not so with many Indian intellectuals even though it … Continue reading Interpretation of Indic texts

Finding out and fixing their dates of composition

Suppose a third world war happened and only two books based on ancient Indian texts survived. One is Devdutt Patnaik's version of Ramayana and another is Rupa Pai's version of Bhagavad Gita. As usual the few surviving copies of these books will be ignored by surviving Indians till these fall into the hands of a … Continue reading Finding out and fixing their dates of composition

Charaka Samhita – a treatise on holistic health

image source: creative commons license Dharmarthakamamokshanamarogyam mulamuttamam (Charaka Samhita 1:15) Health is the basis of four goals of human life - Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha If grammar books and lexicons can be written in verses so that memorising will be easy, so can be a text on medical science. More so in the case … Continue reading Charaka Samhita – a treatise on holistic health

Amarakosha – a thesaurus in verses

स्य ज्ञानदयासिंधोरगाधस्यानघा गुणाः सेव्यतामक्षयो धीराः स श्रिये चामृताय च O wise ones! Serve those who are oceans of knowledge and compassion and are pure so as to get the nectar of real wealth and eternal life. It was customary for every ancient India text to start with a mangalacharnam - a verse or a short … Continue reading Amarakosha – a thesaurus in verses

Theme Reveal: Blogchatter A to Z Challenge 2021

Dear Reader, For the second year in a row I am participating in the Blogchatter AtoZ challenge. Last year my theme was 'My Village My Country' where in I showcased the history and culture of India with specific focus on fields and places close to my heart. Later on it was made into a book … Continue reading Theme Reveal: Blogchatter A to Z Challenge 2021

my B-town connections

Because ‘Bombay’ starts with the alphabet B and most of the Hindi movies borrowed their style and substance from  Hollywood, I think the naming of Hindi Film Industry as Bollywood was perfectly logical.  The yellow journalists  used to call Bombay  the B-town, while using it with reference to the glitterati that inhabited the city. By … Continue reading my B-town connections