book adjustments

No excuses. I was just not in mood to write a blog post. Even though I was busy with other activities I could have written a post if I wanted to.

But I was in great mood to make some changes to my books. Even I thought of changing the name of some of my books. Last year I published a book by the name Idle Hours – humour, essays, and memoirs. Later on I found that many books with similar titles already exist since time memorial. Damn it. Why do I always discover things late?

After much deliberation I have changed the title of the book to ”What is in a Name and Other Bullshit’ . There are some changes in the content also. The book is part of KindleUnlimited. Please go ahead and read it.

If you are not part of KindleUnlimited but would like to write a review of the book on your blog or on amazon or both, please send a request to I will send you a pdf version of the book through email.

In case you do not belong to either of the categories but would like to read the book, you are welcome to go ahead and buy it. By doing that let me assure that you will not only get the value for your money, but also make me grateful as it will give a a little pocket get the value for your money and

Same thing goes for my blog title also. I find that a famous royal blood turned bureaucrat turned politician has written a book of the same title. I was thinking I have come up with an original title like one life is not enough. But it was devastating to note that some someone much more famous than me has has already thought of it and used it with the result that when someone tries to search for my blog using the title there is more likelihood of discovering that an old forgotten man named Natwar Singh has written a book which is more forgettable than his name.

But the truth is that is more suitable to me being an achiever who has a million dreams yet to fulfill. Mr Natwar Singh is much more ahead of me in social status, achievements in life, and age. Seems, Buddha was right. The more you get, the more you may develop the sense of being unfulfilled.

So, in 2019 my blog title also needs a change. For the time being I am keeping it in line with the new title of my old book.

Finally the good news is that coinciding with the forthcoming Republic Day, my short e-book – Sixteen Parenting Sutras – will be available for free download from 25.01.2019 to 27.01.2019. Please download, read and leave a review on amazon, if you haven’t already done it.

8 thoughts on “book adjustments

  1. You will forgive me for being amused with the naming woes of your old book and the blog, but being overpowered by the memoirs of a rather stale politician is certainly a bad dream which may turn into a nightmare if allowed to. For a moment I wondered whether ‘One Dream is Not Enough’ would present a better moniker to your grove but it seems there is a poem or a song by that name, even though it is infinitely better than being drowned by a deluge of references of the said book. Then again, ‘Sometimes Serious Sometimes Funny’ doesn’t sound too fresh either, and I don’t know if you will be able to forgive me on that. Now that brings to my mind what Shakespeare said ages ago, and has been surely quoted to death.

    It seems though you have not settled on a final name, in which case, why not something like Life, Pebbles, Waves? Or, simply Pebbles and Waves? And while we are at it, you can go ahead and have it copyrighted!

    But then, I guess, One Name is Not Enough!

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