one hundred years of boredom

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Life has become a wee bit boring. Corona is declining in an expected manner. People are protesting on expected lines. People are protesting the protests on expected lines. Barring a few – a very few exceptions, all have started behaving on expected lines. It is understandable when a loyal member of an opposition party or a disgruntled member of a ruling party blames every government policy without realizing that even an out of order clock is right at least once in twenty four hours.

But what has happened to the common men? Why have they embarked on a life long marriage with an ism so much so that every slender thread they get to hang on their tirade they do so throwing all rationality to the wind. These are not common common men. Some of them could be your friendly neighborhood blogger, poet or perennial philosopher. Or your favourite singer or actor who usually does not take money to tweet.

They just need to smell the smoke. No need to verify the fire. Just a slender rumour is enough for them to embark on their solid case book of thousand pages to hang the person who dare not adhere to their ideology. Their moral superiority is so infallible they do not need to verify anything. It is as if after knowing them for one hour you could write what they will speak, write and profess for the rest of their lives.

There is no point also in taking a bit fun by engaging with them with some kind of debate with the hope that some sort of common sense will come to them. Their conclusions about every issue and every person are already drawn for the next one hundred years.

What is not surprising at all is that they have their band of cheerleaders who have inherited the same brainwashed view for the world since they were four months old in the womb. So there is something more to be bored about than meets the eye. Their ideas about the supposed culprit does not change even though they come across a million contradicting facts. They may claim to be atheists. They may claim to be liberals. As if being a self styled atheist or liberal exonerates them from all sorts of irrational behaviors they indulge in. Their cult like devotion will beat the fanaticism of any religious zealot. Occasionally you may get surprised by their stubbornness and lifelong slavery to an ideology that could be as outdated as the dinosaurs. Barring that consolation they would never give you any chance to be surprised. Such is their stubbornness and determination.

Such are the boring times. Worse than ghor kalyug. In kalyug lots of supposedly adharma takes place. But at least things are supposed to be somewhat interesting.

These are no mythical men bound by others to the old chestnut tree. So, is there any rationality behind their irrational stubbornness against visible facts?

4 thoughts on “one hundred years of boredom

  1. That is an ingenious use of the phenomenon of boring. You have bored a gaping hole into the hypocrisies and crookedness of the factions who naturally believe what they have been doing is the primordial truth alone. Unfortunately, this has also been boring a wider hole in the socio-economic pyramid of the society.

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