watchings of idle hours #10 : cities of gods

When it comes to what to watch on even specialised topics, these days we have problems of plenty. Apart from the fares available on paid subscribed TV channels, youtube and other free apps have opened the flood gates of professional and amateur videos. In watchings of idle hours #4, I have shared selected documentaries about … Continue reading watchings of idle hours #10 : cities of gods

dharmic nature of aggression

Are the non-aggressive, tolerant attitudes of Hindus a liability, so much so that many of them have become victims of apathy, conspiracy and forced displacement in their own homeland. Ref: Kashmiri Pandits, Col Purohit, Sadhwi Pragnya. #hindusvictimised - Thus goes the topic for Indispire Edition167 The premises are definitely wrong. I say this not only in … Continue reading dharmic nature of aggression