Educating India (part-2): Specialisation

This week's Indispire prompt suggested by blogger Neha Tambe is about Indian Education Scenario. The exact prompt is: 'What kind of changes do you wish to see in the education system in India? Learning cannot work like an assembly line. Why can't children choose in high school their focus subject and graduate with that? Share … Continue reading Educating India (part-2): Specialisation

Mein nikla satya ke sandhan mein

मैं निकला सत्य के संधान में | दिन दहाड़े , डायोजिनिज के लालटेन ले के राजधानी के राजपथ पर, सत्ता के गलियों में, कलाकारों के रंग मंच में, मंदिर , मस्जिद और गिरिजाघरों में | ढ़ूँढ़ता रहा वो सच्च जो कबका खो गया है, या सुलाया गया है, राजनेताओं के सफाई , आरोप और प्रत्यारोप … Continue reading Mein nikla satya ke sandhan mein

Alone in the World of Technology?

After their adaptability to the mobiles, social media apps like Facebook have become a rage. On these very social media platforms quite often we get 'forwarded as received messages ' ringing alarm bells as to how real relationships have taken a back seat as people spend more and more time on Facebook, Whatsapp etc. . This week's … Continue reading Alone in the World of Technology?