The Language of Gods

नृत्तावसाने नटराजराजो ननाद ढक्कां नवपञ्चवारम्। उद्धर्तुकामः सनकादिसिद्धान् एतद्विमर्शे शिवसूत्रजालम् ॥ In response to the desire of Sanaka and other perfected ones, after the dance had subsided the emperor of Natas played his damaru fourteen times and henceforth originated the strings of Shivasutras. So the story goes that Sanat Kumara and other perfected beings (Siddhas) went … Continue reading The Language of Gods

Amarakosha – a thesaurus in verses

स्य ज्ञानदयासिंधोरगाधस्यानघा गुणाः सेव्यतामक्षयो धीराः स श्रिये चामृताय च O wise ones! Serve those who are oceans of knowledge and compassion and are pure so as to get the nectar of real wealth and eternal life. It was customary for every ancient India text to start with a mangalacharnam - a verse or a short … Continue reading Amarakosha – a thesaurus in verses