How we celebrate Gita and Gandhi Jayanti

According to the Hindu calendar, this is the month of Margashira. It is supposed to be the most auspicious month of the year.  In Bhagavat Gita Lord Krishna says- ‘māsānāṁ mārga-śhīrṣho ’ham ‘. I am margashirsha among the months. Today is Gita Jayanti – the anniversary of Bhagavat Gita. The Gita in the title refers … Continue reading How we celebrate Gita and Gandhi Jayanti

Amarnath yatra : down memory lane (Part-2)

Continued from Part-1 The feeling of non dual consciousnessbecomes a reality as twenty of us huddle together inside a small tent.Some have taken off to their abode of blisswith a fleet of noisy engines waking up every one but themselves - a journey of awakening. Apart from paying to the Pithoo, the other expenses we … Continue reading Amarnath yatra : down memory lane (Part-2)

Amarnath yatra: down memory lane (Part-1)

As I read about the hype created by self styled seculars and unapologetic Islamic leaders about the massive security arrangements done for this year's Amarnath Yatra I am reminded of my own undertaken twenty years back. I was able to undertake this trip thanks to my posting in an Indian Air Force base in Jammu … Continue reading Amarnath yatra: down memory lane (Part-1)

watchings of idle hours #4 : God’s east India abode

India is full of places of pilgrimages. Each state and each district can boast of thousands of places of pilgrimage, each associated with a puranic legend or some form of divinity. After all, according to Hindu belief, even though the ultimate reality is only one, it manifests in 3.3 bn different divine forms. But, the … Continue reading watchings of idle hours #4 : God’s east India abode

 ‘Teach Me To Dream’ – Book Review

My illustrator friend Sailaja Anand ( who is also an eternal optimist) has put up her perceptions of my poems on her blog.

‘Teach Me To Dream’ has been written by Mr. Durga Prasad Dash whose work I always have admired. It is an anthology of poems that celebrate life in its myriads of aspects: love, longing, pain, illusion,beauty and ugliness, freedom, bondage, war, politics, enlightenment.There is no sphere of life that is left un touched by the author. Each emotion is conveyed beautifully and every reality is expressed with conviction. Each stanza is a beautiful piece in itself, touching the deep core.

In part I, the way the author has connected seasons and emotions with his web of words is so heartening.
”there is a rhythm in the sun,
melody in air, and
dance in water”
Through words the author is indeed celebrating the nature with beautiful expression.
In poem ‘your sweet absense’
In the following lines
“In my lack of discretion
hoping to rise with you
I fall again and again”

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Lord Shiva – The strange God from time immemorial

Even the puranas, that portray him with human attributes, are silent about his birth. Being Shankara – who has your welfare in his mind, he is close to our heart, yet he remains the most mysterious one riddled with contradictions. He makes the profane sacred so he lives in burial grounds. Is it an attempt … Continue reading Lord Shiva – The strange God from time immemorial