speak, so that we understand your silence

Long long ago
half a millennia before Jesus was born
a prince went away
far from the madding crowd
to find answers to the questions
that would not let him sleep
that would not let him live
or die.
After six years of travelling and searching
one day
he gave up his efforts and fell
deep into silence.
He became one with the silence of the  Bodhi tree.
He became one with the flow of the river nearby.
He became one with the vastness of the moon drenched  night
where there was not even a bat
to hang upside down and cry.
The elusive answers  
found roots in silence
and spread out to reach the heavens
where the angels were alarmed
that even after knowing
he would not speak.
They said,
What are you doing?
You are the chosen one.
Come on.
You must speak.
He said,
What is the use?
Those who know
would not need me,
and those who don’t
would not believe.
They said,
We agree with you.
There are some who know
and some who have decided not to know.
But there are many
who want to know
but are afraid of the fall into silence .
They need that gentle push.
So speak.  
Speak, so that they understand your silence.
He spoke
and human history took a different turn.
In English there is a saying
Silence is Golden.
No it is not.
When leaders make us suffer for their personal gain
or are incompetent,
it is time to speak and speak out loud.
When you hear the scream of the woman next door
being beaten black and blue by her drunken husband,
silence is not the option.
When you see a policeman
beating a passer by
for no apparent reason,
silence is not the option.
When you see a woman
is teased or molested
or in the worst case
is being dragged to be raped,
silence is not the option
In Sanskrit there is a saying
Maunam Sammati Lakshanam
which means
to be silent is a sign of acceptance;
which means
when you remain silent
in the face of injustice,
you are a partner in crime  

(Coincidentally, today is Buddha Purnima. But, it seems even Google Doodle has no knowledge of this)

8 thoughts on “speak, so that we understand your silence

    1. Buddhas, being compassionate by their very nature are beyond the normal concepts of right or wrong. At that level only goodness for the universe can happen.
      Thanks Ranjana for stopping by.


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