kahaniyon ko leke hi to ladte hai hum

कहानियों को लेके ही लड़ते हम कहानियां धर्म के नाम पर जाति के नाम पर देश के नाम पर भगवान के नाम पर   कहानियों को लेके ही बनते हैं स्वर्ग और नर्क कहानियां इसलिए बनाते हैं ताकि हम लड़ सकें लड़ा सकेबस एक ही शौक है हमें लड़ने का और लड़ाने का    कहानियों को लेके किसी को कहते हैं तुम हम में से हो वो अलग है उसे …

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speak, so that we understand your silence

Long long agohalf a millennia before Jesus was borna prince went away far from the madding crowdto find answers to the questions that would not let him sleepthat would not let him live or die.  After six years of travelling and searchingone day he gave up his efforts and felldeep into silence.He became one with the …

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 ‘Teach Me To Dream’ – Book Review

My illustrator friend Sailaja Anand ( who is also an eternal optimist) has put up her perceptions of my poems on her blog.

‘Teach Me To Dream’ has been written by Mr. Durga Prasad Dash whose work I always have admired. It is an anthology of poems that celebrate life in its myriads of aspects: love, longing, pain, illusion,beauty and ugliness, freedom, bondage, war, politics, enlightenment.There is no sphere of life that is left un touched by the author. Each emotion is conveyed beautifully and every reality is expressed with conviction. Each stanza is a beautiful piece in itself, touching the deep core.

In part I, the way the author has connected seasons and emotions with his web of words is so heartening.
”there is a rhythm in the sun,
melody in air, and
dance in water”
Through words the author is indeed celebrating the nature with beautiful expression.
In poem ‘your sweet absense’
In the following lines
“In my lack of discretion
hoping to rise with you
I fall again and again”

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