munna bhai sadak chhap

(30.05.2019 8.58 P.M. It is like deciding in the last moment to appear for the exam. Let me see if In can churn out something on the Indispire Prompt and post it before 9.30 PM. But let me first check to see if someone has already written something on it. Before that let me check who all have become ministers in the Namo Cabinet.)

We had gathered in the morning on a Sunday for a kavi sammelan in Cubbon Park. As I walk back to the parking, I notice a strange vehicle beside my car. I cannot hold myself from peeping inside. Oh My God! Hey Ram! What did I see? A perfect look alike of Mahatma Gandhi? I thought it was someone who has been dressed up for some show. As I withdrew my gaze the figure inside the strange vehicle called me.

“I know what you are thinking? It has happened to me before. I am not a look alike of Karama Chand Gandhi. I am Mohan Das Gandhi. This is a Time Machine built by my friend Albert Einstein. I wanted to travel 25 years ahead but it seems I have travelled much ahead. What year is it?

“2018”, I said.

“I think by mistake I pressed 75 years.”

“Is it really a time machine? I read about it when I was a child.”

“Then I have found the right person. Can we do something to hide this machine? I have another request. Can you take me around this city and get me back here before sun down?”

“Why not Bapu? Anything for you?”

“But you must be a busy man”.

“I will take care of that Bapu”.

Coincidentally I had my car cover in my dicky. Bapu came out of the time machine. It is then that I noticed he was in trousers and T shirt. He put a cap and covered his eyes with black goggles.

After covering the Time Machine, we came out of Cubbon Park. Bapu read aloud the signboard announcing the name of the road. “Mahatma Gandhi Road. Oh! They have named this road after me.”

“Yes Bapu. Not only that the road adjacent is Kasturba Road.”

We crossed Kanteerava Stadium and walked past the Rangoli Art Centre.

“Bapuji this road used to house the most sophisticated shops of the city before malls came up. It used to be frequented by the trendy youths of the city. Now also you can see traces of … “

“You mean to say this place is just the opposite of what I stand for.”


“Then, why have they named this Road after me?”

“Bapuji, this is the case not only here but also in almost all Indian cities. MG Road stands for the trendiest place in the city. By the way, Bapu, your revolutionary ideas and experiments were trend setters not only in India but also all over the world. Unfortunately, now we don’t bother about setting trends in terms of our inner world. It is all about the outer world.”


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