watchings of idle hours #10 : cities of gods

When it comes to what to watch on even specialised topics, these days we have problems of plenty. Apart from the fares available on paid subscribed TV channels, youtube and other free apps have opened the flood gates of professional and amateur videos.

In watchings of idle hours #4, I have shared selected documentaries about Lord Jagannath and the city of Puri. In this post I would like to share interesting documentaries I have watched about the cities identified with Lord Krishna and Lord Ganehsa. Sri Krishna Janmastami was celebrated a few days ago and Ganapati festival is a few days away.

Dwaraka – Kingdom of Krishna

Full episode of this History TV 18 documentary is now available on youtube. From traces the origin of Dwaraka and its connection with Lord Krishna through latest archaeological excavations, the documentary covers the connection of devotees with the temple through the upheavals of history. In ancient times Krishna used to be the king of Dwaraka. In modern times too Krishan continues to be their king. Though represented by an idol, for the believers Krishan is not a king like the royalty of India of Mughal and British times most of whom kept safe distance from the common men and their problems.

Mumbai : City of Ganesha

After 1857 the Britishers did not take the discontent of the Indian masses lightly. One of the nemeasures taken to supress such discontent was to ban public meetings.

Much Before Mahatma Gandhi became associated with Indian Freedom movement, a teacher and social activist named Keshav Gangadhar Tilak thought of a unique method that could kill many birds with one stone. In 1893 he started Samuhik Ganesha Puja – Ganesha puja as a social festival in the streets of Mumbai. Lord Ganesha who was worshiped in homes around the time of Ganesha Chaturthi, came to the pandals erected for community Gaensha Puja that spanned ten days of festivity and religious fervour which slowly ignited the nationalistic spirit among the masses. Thus, the man later known as Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak became the first leader of the Indian Independence Movement.

This is another history TV documentary exploring the connection of Lord Ganesha with the city of Mumbai. Of course, now a days Public Ganesha festivals are held all over India. But the festival, in the financial capital of India and the city of celebrities with more than ten million population, has a fervour of its own.

The only flip side of the documentaries was the inclusion of Devdutt Patnaik, the so called celebrity mythologist, who is full of common place and mundane explanations known perhaps even to a ten year old in India. They could have taken some one who could decipher the philosophy behind the symbolism in Hindu festivals.

If you would like to go beyond the symbolism of Lord Ganesha here two insightful videos for you.

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3 thoughts on “watchings of idle hours #10 : cities of gods

    1. Devdutt patnaik has done well in popularizing Hindu mythologies, though he has been accused of distorting the scriptures to appease western see sensibilities.

      I also don’t supprt those like Amish who use mythological names to create their own fiction. In fact Amish is not alone. There are now hordes of other fiction writers doing it. Such things go uncensored because Hinduism is not an organised religion.

      Those who are interested in indepth study of Hindu scriptures should avoid all such authors.

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