my speech at the indiblogger meet, bengaluru

Well, I have been a serious blogger since last one year. Of course, I have been blogging for more than five years and doing some creative writing maybe, for last one hundred years.

No… no. I am not that old like Asha Ram Bapu  or RK Pachauri.

Actually I feel that it is not only me but also my readers who have taken my blog seriously after I joined Indiblogger, which is the best platform for Indian bloggers to network and show case talent. What do you say? How many of you here agree with me. Wow. Quite a lot. Great.

What is more,  Indiblogger now wants to take us to our next level. That is to make us published authors. I think it is every bloggerโ€™s dream to become a published author of books. How many of you donโ€™t agree? Of course many of us here are already published authors.

I love this quote from Kahlil Zibran: To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has achieved, but at what he aspires to.

It is great that Indiblogger, Story Mirror and the Valley of Words have all come together to fulfill the dreams of aspiring authors. They deserve a big round of applause.

Coming to blogging, the comments and likes are not the only indicators that your blog is being read and liked. During official or informal meetings sometimes I come across people who tell me that they have been reading my blog regularly, even though they have never put any comment or liked the blog.

So, keep blogging. May our tribe flourish.

vow bangalore meet

Launch of Kuhase ke Geet ( Hindi version of Sashi Sharma’s the Song’s of Mist)

vow bangalore meet 2

Thank you guys for the fabulous gift hamper

vow 2017.jpg
See you all in Dehradun

P.S:  Actually, this speech, being an afterthought could not be delivered. And  my time-machine is still out of order.


25 thoughts on “my speech at the indiblogger meet, bengaluru

  1. It’s great that you attended the indiblogger meet. I am always a bit jealous of the ones living in Bangalore. You can always go and have darshan of Guruji when he is in ashram. For us, it’s months and months of wait.

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  2. I missed the event.Saw it late by which time the registration was over. Would have loved to come and meet you and other bloggers. anyway, great to see you had a great time!

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  3. Thanks.
    All these books have been published by Story Mirror. The authors had also come all the way from Chennai to attend the meet and promote their works.
    By the way I’m happy to know that your book CANVAS OF THE MIND is getting very good reviews


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