it was a great show


Six hours of circus-

As usual the politician inaugurated it

And slept throughout the show

To wake up in the last hour

To proclaim

In words impeccable  and rehashed

The situation is under control

The guilty will not go scot free

And the victims will be compensated

The trapeze men thought they were

Fighting  a just cause

Going up and down without a safety net

So thought the green and yellow foot soldiers

Going up and down and down

Three dozen died

A few heads rolled

(Do we know their names?)

Some cried and

Some cried foul.

Far away

In another planet

Faces lit up

‘It was a great show’

They chuckled

And took a break.

(Disclaimer: The post is not related to the faux pass of the Haryana Government in the aftermath of the arrest of Baba Ram Rahim. Scores of people died accompanied by destruction of property as the government agencies were a mute witness to the bizarre reaction of the followers of the Spiritual Guru who epitomized love and peace)

19 thoughts on “it was a great show

  1. Very nicely written. The lines ” In words impeccable and rehashed,The situation is under control
    The guilty will not go scot free,And the victims will be compensated” underscores the helplessness and disgust of the average citizens.

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