Colours of a subzi bazaar – a photo essay

It is a Sunday morning. In spite of the plethora of companies offering online purchase and home delivery and the mushrooming of air conditioned super stores, one of the oldest vegetable markets of Bengaluru is abuzz with activities.

Tol mol ke bol

waiting for that first deal of the day
May be the last lot of the season

Windmills for tiny tots

Keys and guns – for special customers only.

Listen carefully – the strategy for the day

Just a light partition – Β for the mirchi alone

It is all about filling the jholis

Nothing to buy – just out for a stroll to inhale the bazaar air

No need for the mobile sister, we can talk just like that
No no…. We do not have home delivery system as yet, please come down to the market sir.
Do notΒ go by looks. I only look green.

Shall we close the deal now?

20 thoughts on “Colours of a subzi bazaar – a photo essay

  1. Love the photos, Durga. Our local market is one of my favorite places to visit/browse. The vendors are familiar and always ready for a chat. Thank you for sharing these pictures.Which market is this in Bangalore?

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